The Syndi-Jean Journal

When Syndicessca Jeannie entered The Facility in search of a possible future away from a dark past, her mother had some conditions, one of which was constant updates.

Her ‘reports’ home morphed into a personal journal ultimately chronicling three years of her life, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

book 1From the back-

Syndi-Jean is a young girl with a dark and varied past.

Looking for a fresh start, she takes up an offer to study and live at a unique and secretive Facility. There, she learns to regain her diminished telepathic ability and hone her telekinetic skills, in addition to some unusual classes. She also makes friends, some of whom are not of this planet.

As she chronicles her life, Syndi-Jean struggles to find her place in the present while striving for a better future and leaving the past behind. A difficult task… especially when that past may save her friends.

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Book 2From the back: –

One year ago, Syndicessca Jeannie entered The Facility looking for a fresh start, trying to escape a varied past that wouldn’t let go.

As she struggles with her education, she has to also confront the scrutiny of several members of The Facility’s mysterious board. With the arrival of a young, potentially powerful psychic who harbours a dark secret, Syndi-Jean finds herself at odds with The Facility’s overall intentions for the telepaths. In a confluence of events, she finds herself facing several personal challenges, pushing the limits of her own abilities, mental and physical. None would be more dangerous than confronting the darkness within herself.

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Book 3From the back-

Studying and living at The Facility was meant to be a fresh start, but the past refuses to be ignored. Now in her third year, Syndicessca Jeannie finds her past catching up even as she navigates a relationship with Walker in one world and discovers a lost child in another.

As nightmares appear to be spreading among the other trainees, Syndi-Jean’s perception on reality and existence comes into question as the walls between worlds begin to crumble. When a malevolent force makes itself known, the stakes are raised and lives are thrown into the balance. For Syndi-Jean, facing that force means facing her greatest fear.

“It was a year she would have her happiest moments and hardest losses. And in that, she would discover her potential, and herself.” – Remington

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