The InkTober 2016 Project

When I first discovered Inktober, I thought it was a cool little thing to try out, one drawing per day in ink throughout October.

In 2016, I decided to tie-in promoting The Syndi-Jean Journals while following a set of prompts, and ended with up to 14 illustrations that could be directly attributed to the books.

While the drawings went up over my Instagram, the ones featured in the gallery below will point out the lines that inspired them and the books they came from.

Hope you enjoy them.

The Syndi-Jean Journals are available via online books stores such as Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, Amazon (Book 1 ~ Year 2 Year 3) and even the Google Play Store.

If you’re looking form something closer or would like to compare prices on the individual books, try (Book 1 Year 2 Year 3).


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